Our dedicated team of geoscientists, offer the following wide range of specialist Site investigation services tailored to meet the needs of most types of geo-development. Please contact us for a no obligation quotation or more information about how we can help your project.

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Geoinvestigate provides engineering geological and geotechnical engineering services relating to construction and natural and artificial geological hazards – Roads, Railways, Tunnels, Cuttings, Excavations, Pipelines, Drainage, Telecoms Masts, Solar Farms, Wind Farms And Grid Grid-Connected Energy Battery Storage Stations. Basements And Embankments. Housing And Building Development, Commercial & Retail Projects. Landfill Sites. Foundations And Piled Foundations, Ground Treatment And Stabilisation. Building Subsidence, Soil & Rock Slopes, Retaining Walls, Abandoned Mine Workings, Mine Shafts, Mine Adits, Natural Karst Limestone, Chalk, Gypsum and Salt Dissolution Sinkhole Hazard, Infrastructure Decay and Artificial Sinkhole Hazard And Old Water Wells.  Due diligence and asset appraisal surveys also undertaken. 

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