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Geoinvestigate’s experts minimise ground risk by careful site investigation accurate ground characterisation and conceptual modelling leading to practical cost effective, safe design solutions and successful project delivery avoiding delays, disputes, and unexpected cost overruns.

Contact our team of site investigation experts and professional geo-consultants to see how we can best assist your project reduce ground risks or ask for a no obligation quote.

Since the establishment of the firm in 1997 with its cleverly chosen uniquely special name, ‘Geoinvestigate’ and ‘Geoinvestigation’ are increasingly used in site investigation to describe geological, geotechnical & geoenvironmental exploration services. 25 years on and with many new talents joining and a new office opened recently, in the East Midlands, Geoinvestigate is re-energised and even cooler.

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

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Geoinvestigate provides FREE advice on mining and sinkhole hazards to the public, homeowners, house buyers, estate agents, mortgage lenders, solicitors, self-builders, developers, architects and civil & structural engineering firms through our ‘Mine Shaft and Sinkhole HELPLINE’ and Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) services.

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You may have seen us on TV or in the Press talking about slope stability, sinkholes, mine workings and mine shafts?

Mine Shaft & Sinkhole

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This helpline was created to assist the public seeking information and advice on mine shaft and sinkhole hazards. It is intended for those buying & selling houses and solicitors & estate agents dealing with mine shaft & sinkhole hazards. Builders & property developers are also welcome to use it.

Geo Services

Our dedicated team of geoscientists, offer the following wide range of specialist site investigation services tailored to meet the needs of most types of geo-development. Please contact us for a no obligation quotation or more information about how we can help your project.​

Engineering Geology & Geotechnical Engineering

Foundation design, abandoned mine workings, mineshafts, gypsum dissolution, building subsidence, slope stability, Coal Mining Risk Assessment services, clay shrinkage, infrastructure, earthworks, sinkholes.


Land quality, greenfield, brownfield, contamination, contaminated land, pollution, groundwater, remediation, validation, ground, radon and landfill gas.

Data Acquisition

Site investigation - including window sample boreholes, cable percussive boreholes, rotary boreholes, probing for mine workings, trial pits, soil sampling, in-situ testing, CBR testing, contamination testing, gas surveys.


Phase 1 desk studies, including site walkovers, Phase 2 investigations. Geoinvestigate can provide a fully integrated site investigation service from data acquisition through to consultancy, design and site implementation.

What People Say

"We were very satisfied with the quality of reporting and diligence shown by Geoinvestigate in the planning and execution of these remediation works. The removal of the contamination source was executed and supervised expertly producing minimum waste."
County Durham
Environmental Protection Officer
"Geoinvestigate saved us £15,000 in unnecessary drilling works which another SI company said was essential. Following Geo’s advice we excavated the basement car park with their geologists assessing the stability of the rock faces and the adjacent buildings and roads as the works progressed. The work was completed ahead of schedule and without any problems. We were of course very pleased with the services provided by Geoinvestigate on this job."
Project Manager

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