Borehole Site Investigation in Cambridge provided idea for New Logo

Geoinvestigate’s new site investigation logo has been entered for “Brands of the World” Competition 2014.

Recognising excellence in logo design and branding, Geoinvestigate’s new logo has made it through the qualifying rounds of the Brands of the World competition for business logo design. Entries are in various classes covering construction, consultancy, IT, automative, hospitality, health, manufacturing, design etc.

Jack Harper (Geoinvestigate’s Senior Geo-environmental Engineer) said a very good logo must synthesise a sound business rationale with highly innovative branding logic and original visual art presentation. Geoinvestigate’s new logo draws on the company’s strong innovative geological, geotechnical and geo-environmental site investigation background. After all, site investigation is an inquisitive and creative journey in itself combining intuitive and practical skills drawn not only from the world of science but also drawing upon the uncertainty and unpredictably inherent in any arts discipline which site investigation undoubtedly also falls into.

Jack said the idea for the new logo came to us while we were on our way to a borehole site investigation in Cambridge. Ross had asked us to come up with a new logo – so on the way to the job we got the pens out and started doodling with various ideas until we had several possibilities. The same night after completing my report on the days work at our digs, I emailed our graphic designers some initial concepts which they liked and were subsequently developed by them and the team at Geoinvestigate  in to the final version we all liked.

Normally we wouldn’t consider entering a competition like this but the logo has been so well received particularly in the London Site Investigation market and elsewhere that this together with persuasion from our co-developer Brainbox convinced us to give it a go. Feedback from Brands of the World said they liked our concept and the thinking behind it especially the G of GEO using the earth colours as well as the interplay of the G with the iconic geological Ammonite symbol and the interactive phases of the biosphere.

The award winner will be announced in 2015, so all the team at Geoinvestigate are all keeping our fingers crossed.