Borehole Window Sampling Services

Window sampling is a technique whereby samples of clay and sand can be recovered from small diameter boreholes using portable hand held electric, petrol or hydraulic jack hammers or tracked min drills such as the Dando Terrier 2000 or Carl Hamm’s MRZB.

The equipment is small hands portable or in the case of the tracked mini rigs maneuverable making the technique particularly useful in limited, restricted or difficult access sites for example in back gardens, building and basements.

Typically boreholes are of smaller diameter between 40mm to 100mm and do not extend below 6m depth. Window sampling is a fast and cost effective way of establishing the nature of the ground profile and identifying the presence of contamination. The samples are recovered in tubes with or without windows cut in them from which samples are taken. Windowless tubes are recent and more sophisticated advance having plastic liners which are slid out to reveal the soil sample.

Gas and groundwater monitoring wells can be installed in window sampling boreholes.