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Coal Drilling Services Walsall. Need a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective drilling investigation for coal and mine workings? Worried about the cost and the mess? Let Geoinvestigate quote for your coal drilling, coal mine drilling or mine working investigation.

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This isnt Microdrilling

Geoinvestigate Microdrill will do it “FASTER, CHEAPER, NICER and NEATER”.


Drilling boreholes remains the only certain way of proving whether or not mine workings and mine shaft hazards really exist beneath a property. With the recent introduction of fast, small, lightweight drill rigs like Geoinvestigate Microdrill untidy and messy drill sites can now be avoided. Microdrilling is also less expense than big rig drilling because it requires less operators, less equipment and less drill water. Geoinvestigate Microdrilling is faster, safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional drilling. It’s also cheaper.

Exploratory drilling to locate mine working and ground stability hazards
Exploratory drilling to locate mine working and ground stability hazards

Because of its much smaller size Geoinvestigate Microdrill can get into places the other drills can’t reach – through narrow gates and doorways into gardens and backyards and side alleys. Microdrill can even drill holes under buildings.



In most built up areas in the UK only drilling with water flush is safe and the Coal Authority won’t issue a drill license for anything else but water. This is because water flush is the safest way to drill coal and mine workings. Mud though safe is too messy.


Statement issued by the UK Coal Authority

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UK Coal Authority guidance on the drilling risks in coal and mine workings


In mine working investigation 2 drill holes are better than 1 and 3 holes are even better. This simplified model of room-and-pillar mining aka pillar & stall and pillar & stoop (Scotland) explains this. A room is a mine opening where the coal has been removed between coal pillars left in place to support the roof. With only 1 hole there is a 50% chance of encountering a pillar and being mislead into assuming that the coal seam is both intact and unmined. Clearly from the model this would would be a dangerous mistake to make. With 2 or more holes the likelihood of misinterpreting coal mining legacy reduces. A minimum of 3 drillholes allows the orientation and dip or inclination of the coal seam and workings to be worked out in 3 dimensions. Simply the more boreholes you drill the more confidence there is in the interpretation of the mining situation. While many larger drilling rigs struggle to complete 1 borehole in a day Geoinvestigates new Microdrill can achieve 3 or more if required depending on depth.


More drilling allows the most cost effective solution for stabilising a site and making it safe to be identified.


If you need to drill into coal and mine workings or you have had a CMRA (Coal Mining Risk Assessment) done and you need to drill before you start building contact Geoinvestigate and get a quote. We provide cost effective coal and general mine drilling services across the country from Swansea to Bath and Bristol to Glasgow. We also carry out drilling investigations to find Chalk, Limestone and Gypsum sinkholes.

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