Trial Pit Site Investigation Lancashire and South Lakes

Let Geoinvestigate quote for you next site investigation, geotechnical, geo-environmental or contaminated land investigation in Lancashire and the South Lakes.  With 3 offices, a nationwide service, highly qualified and experienced professional staff, and its own drilling equipment, Geoinvestigate is best placed to give the most competitive and professional site investigation service in the Lake District and Cumbria.

Fieldworks Manager Anthony (Monty) Montgomery proves he’s also a dab hand when it comes to operating a mini digger to excavate trial pits – adding yet another string to his impressive bow which includes concrete coring,  cable percussion drilling, Dando Terrier 2000 restricted access mini tracked window sampling, dynamic probe testing hand drilling, window sampling and most recently geotechnical microdrilling with Geoinvestigate’s new microdrill.


Cool as a cucumber Monty cut a narrow trench 2.5m down the side of a 1950s petrol tank to locate leakage. Happily on this occasion the tanks integrity had not been breached and the soil was as clean as a whistle – in fact one of the cleanest sites we’ve looked at over a period of 20 years.

However, in other instances Geoinvestigate is aware that the remediation of leaking buried fuel tanks can vary between £5000 to a whopping £350,000 in site clean-up costs.

The moral of the story is get your buried fuel or oil tank checked periodically and if you suspect leakage call Geoinvestigate for a free no obligation quote for a contamination survey and how best to remediate your site.