Windowless Sampling Borehole Services Winsford

In the market for some Windowless Sampling Borehole Services? That’s what we like to hear! You should be pleased that you found our company then!

No matter the size of your development or how difficult the problems with the land may be, GeoInvestigate can help. From 3 regional offices in Reading, Stokesley, and Windermere, GeoInvestigate’s team of qualified and loyal geoscientists provide expertise in various areas of geoinvestigation, such as Borehole Site Investigation, Contaminated Land Investigation, Geotechnical Investigation, Trial Pit Investigation, and Environmental Investigation plus many more geoservices, aiding project managers, structural engineers, insurers, surveyors, builders, private home owners, and architects get the right solution.

Stuart said We are all incredibly proud of the work we do for both our company and our customers, who we always put first. Throughout the years GeoInvestigate has developed a very good knowledge of the environmental and geotechnical problems existing in the North West region. GeoInvestigate is pleased to offer a good customer focused, quality service at a competitive price which we are very pleased with. “.

Thanks to an increasing workload, a recently opened geotechnical investigation office in Reading, and the arrival of a large new drill rig, GeoInvestigate is striving to strengthen, expand, and spread its geoinvestigation activities farther and wider across the U.K., focusing next on Winsford and around the North West region.

Always striving to improve its service, GeoInvestigate is wanting to expand its intrusive site investigation and contaminated land investigation services in Winsford and throughout the wider North West region.

Senior Geo-environmental Engineer

Stuart Howe (GeoInvestigate’s Regional Manager) stated “Whilst we are active in Winsford we’d like nothing more than to be increasing our workload in this area as it is near to home for us. We sometimes work as far away as Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Wight, and even further afield including France and other European countries, anywhere within a few hours drive we consider to be home ground”.

As well as providing windowless sampling borehole services in Winsford, GeoInvestigate also provide valued expertise in all areas of geoinvestigation, such as Phase 1 desk studies, site investigation, walk-over surveys, desk studies, landfill gas surveys, and borehole drilling.

Let GeoInvestigate quote for your next windowless sampling borehole, geotechnical, engineering geology, geo-environmental, desk study investigation in Winsford.