Company Aims & Quality Statement

Geoinvestigate will tackle any size project with the same dedication, expertise and care ensuring the highest quality of service and competitive pricing. From our offices in the North East, North West, Midlands and Southern England we offer fast, competitive, quality nationwide site investigation services. Our work is carried out in general accordance with appropriate industry regulations, design codes, guidance and recommended best practice including:

  • CLR11 and their recommendations on contamination reports
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency, 2002.  “Model procedures for the management of land contamination” (CLR11).
  • Environment Agency, March 2011, “Model procedures for the management of land contamination – GPLC3 – reporting checklists”.
  • BS10175:2011+A2:2017 Investigation of potentially contaminated sites – Code of Practice
  • R&D Technical Report P5-066/TR Secondary model procedure for the development of appropriate soil sampling strategies for land contamination, 2001 (Environment Agency)
  • BS 5930:2015 Code of practice for site investigations
  • BS EN ISO 22475-1:2006 Geotechnical investigation and testing


Geoinvestigate is continually reviewing, up-dating and improving the quality of its systems and practices ensuring that the client receives the best quality service and end product currently available. As part of our service, we aim to keep all the interested parties in the information loop. We regularly talk to the Environment Agency, UK Coal Authority, Local Authority Planning and Environmental Health departments to facilitate better communication and understanding between the client, us, and the statutory regulators. In this way we ensure that the safest most practical and cost-effective solution for the project is implemented and the risks of unnecessary disputes, project delays and cost overruns are avoided.

At Geoinvestigate we strongly believe in a practical “ground up” approach. We are definitely not “armchair consultants” and positively enjoy getting our hands dirty on site – as first-hand knowledge makes for better decisions and solutions as well as saving the client money. For similar reason Geoinvestigate has over the years developed its own in-house drilling, probing, testing and site monitoring capabilities. Notable firsts in the UK site investigation sector was the introduction many years ago by Geoinvestigate of window sampling and multi-functional mini-rig technology, followed more recently by Microdrilling ® and in 2019 the UK’s first FREE Sinkhole & Mine Shaft Helpline to assist the public dealing with both increasing hazards.      

Geoinvestigate takes its professional responsibilities seriously and our services and advice are underwritten by professional indemnity (PI) insurance safeguarding the interests of our clients and providing peace of mind. Our current PI cover is 2 Million.

So, whether it’s a new basement in London, building alterations in Cardiff, a retail development in Leeds or Manchester or a pipeline in Edinburgh, Geoinvestigate can provide the geo-information your company needs. Just contact us for a no obligation quote for your next Site Investigation or call for a chat about the professional consultancy and technical site services we can provide to you.

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