In-Situ Testing

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We offer a full range of in-situ testing which can be used for a variety of geotechnical applications, our experienced in-house team hold NPORS and NVQ’s offering a professional service. Please contact our Geo Team for a no obligation quotation.

  • Soakaway testing and design 

  • Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

  • Shear vane testing 

  • Plate load testing (CBR)

  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer testing (DCP)

  • Dynamic probe testing

The soakaway or percolation test is used to determine if a new or replacement soakaway can be installed. There are two very different types of soakaway – foul water soakaways and surface water soakaways. Foul water soakaways deal with small volumes over a long period surface water deal with large volumes over a short duration.

Geoinvestigate conducts Soakaway tests for surface water soakways in accordance with BRE 365 Soakaway Design. These tests are carried out in test pits dug to a depth of about 2m or 2.5m using a mini excavator with a 0.3m to 0.6m wide bucket.

Soil permeability is measured by filling the pit with water from a bowser and recording the length of time for 75% of the volume of water to drain away. Soil permeability can also be measured in Boreholes.

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